• School-Wide Expectations:   Students are required to follow all rules posted in the Student Handbook in addition to my classroom rules. If you are unsure of the District’s policies please review them. Our school will follow the SOAR principles.

    S    Strive for Success

    O    Observe Safety

    A    Act with Integrity

    R    Respect All



    TEAM Level Expectations: 

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Use self-control in the classroom, hallways, lockers, cafeteria, and lavatories
    • Avoid behaviors that disrupt teaching and/or learning
    • Respect yourself, your teacher, your peers and your school
    • Be responsible for your work, your learning, and your actions



    All homework will be posted in the classroom and is due by the date listed.



    Agenda / Planner books are used to track daily homework, as a communication log between parents and teachers, and as a student’s hall pass when completed by a teacher. It is important that a student have his or her agenda with them at all times.

    We will also be using Google Calendars to keep track of assignments and events.


    Class attendance

    Class attendance is necessary for students to learn the material and ask questions as it is presented. It is the responsibility of the student to ask the teacher for any missed homework when they are absent from class. When this make-up work is provided the student will be provided with an appropriate due date for that assignment.


    Restroom Use

    Regular restroom breaks are scheduled into the Sixth Grade schedule and students will be permitted to leave class for an emergency situation.