What does my child need?

    *Extra Clothes: Please send an extra set of clothing in a labeled shoebox (preferred) or ziplock bag.  A set of clothing includes underwear, pants, shirt , socks and shoes.  Be sure to also label each article of clothing.   We will keep these in the lockers. Accidents do happen and it will be much easier to deal with if we have clothes on hand.


    *Backpack: Your child will need a full size backpack for school this year.  We prefer a larger backpack so that a 9 x 12 folder will fit inside.  Each child has been given a special folder. Be sure to check this folder everyday for notes, projects, homework assignments, etc.  If you have notes or excuses for me, please put them in the folder.  We also check these everyday.  Be sure your child brings their folder to school everyday!


    *Clothing: Wear clothing your child is comfortable in.  We go outside for recess, play and dance in the room and participate in art and sensory activitiesAlso, dress according to the weather.  We usually have outside recess as long as it is above 32 degrees and not raining.  Make sure your child has a jacket, mittens (preferred) or gloves and a hat if needed


    *Meals: The state requires us to provide a meal to each preschool session. Each class is funded differently. Some students will be provided meals free of charge while others will have the option to place money in a cafeteria account or pack.,



    How are birthdays celebrated in K3?

    Children may bring in a special treat to celebrate their birthdays during the year.  Please send enough for all children(AM 18/PM 18). Parents are welcome to join us for these special celebrations.  Just let me know in advance.  For children who have summer birthdays, we will celebrate July and August half birthdays during the school year and June  birthdays at the end of the year.  We have a birthday routine we follow for all birthdays.  We sing special songs and make a birthday book for the birthday child.



    What do I do if my child is absent?

    If your child is going to be absent from school, I would appreciate a call or a quick email.  Since parents transport the children, we may be waiting for your child thinking that you are running late.   Our grants have strict attendance guidelines therefore, your child will need an excuse when he/she returns to school.  If you child misses 3 or more days please send in a doctor’s excuse.



    What is the procedure for pick up/drop off?

    K3 arrival and dismissal will take place at the handicap entrance at the front of the school.  Wait with your child until I come to the door. Parents cannot enter the building from the handicap doors.  Preschool teachers will meet you at the door.  Should you or your child need to enter the building before then, you must use the elementary main office. 

    I will bring the children out to be dismissed at the end of the day.


    What will my child be doing during the day?

    Our daily schedule will look like this:



       Free Choice Centers – time to explore the classroom center areas: Art, Writing,   Math & Discovery, Kitchen, Table Toys, Sensory,   Blocks and Transportation,   Teacher Center, Library, Music

         Circle and Small Group Instruction Time Songs, Stories, Learning Activities