• Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP)

    The Tyrone Area School District has an Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP) in our school for children grades kindergarten through fourth. Our goal is to make everyone aware of the Elementary Student Assistance Program and what it may do for our youth.

    The Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP) was established to alleviate student barriers to learning.  ESAP is available to all students to help them succeed in the school setting, so they can be educated under the best possible circumstances.

    ESAP is an intervention program, not a treatment program, used to identify high-risk students who are having school problems due to social, emotional or mental health issues.  ESAP is a systematic process to assist students in obtaining the necessary help or intervention as quickly as possible.  Parental involvement is vital to the ESAP process.  ESAP is a voluntary program for students and families.

    All information regarding a student’s involvement in the program is confidential and maintained in the best interest of the student.