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    Todd Cammarata
    High School Yearbook Adviser

    814-684-4240 ext 3230


    Yearbook Orders

    To order a 2021 Yearbook online, click below:

    Order early – last year we sold out! 

    Senior Yearbook and Baby Photos
    As is the tradition at Tyrone, each senior is asked to submit two photos to the yearbook by December 4, 2020.  We need:
    • one senior photo
    • one baby/childhood photo

    All digital photos should be submitted in high resolution .jpg format. Low quality images cannot be used in the yearbook.

    If you must send original photos, they can be mailed or dropped off at the high school. Please do not send us your only copy of precious baby photos. Walmart, Walgreens, or the Film Center in Altoona can scan and email photos at a reasonable cost. If you do choose to send original photos, label each photo with the senior’s name and place them in a labeled envelope. Photos will be scanned and returned to the senior. 

    Prices for seniors would like to purchases photo packages by Moments:

    Submit your senior photo and baby or child photo.

    Senior Ads  

    In addition to the two required photos, parents and extended family also have the option to purchase a Senior Ad to honor their 2021 graduate.

    Senior ads are the main source of income for the yearbook. We rely on ads to keep the cost of the book down and to maintain our yearbook cameras and equipment. Senior ads are also a great way to acknowledge the accomplishments of your favorite senior, preserved forever in their high school yearbook!

    To order an ad, fill out the form below and send payment to TAHS c/o the Eagle Yearbook. Students can also drop off orders in the yearbook classroom (room 230), or mail the order and payment to us. 

    Orders received by December 4, 2020, will receive a $10 discount and are guaranteed space in the yearbook. Orders received after December 4 will be $10 more and only make the book if space is available.  All orders received after Dec. 4 will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    Last year, we sold out of ad space, so order early to ensure your spot in the yearbook!
    To download a pdf version of the order form click this link: Yearbook Senior Photos and Senior Ad Order Form
    You are not guaranteed a space in the yearbook until payment is received and processed.
    Questions? Please contact Mr. Cammarata at tfcammarata@tyrone.k12.pa.us