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  • Box Tops

    Middle School box tops will be collected from Monday, March 18-Friday April 5th.

    Box tops help support activities and scholarships through Renaissance.

    Please bring loose box tops to your advisory teacher in a baggie with your name on it!

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  • The PSSA test is still several months away, but we need your help because the length of the window for testing has changed from prior years. The dates for the ELA PSSA are April 16, 17, and 18, with make-up testing the week of the 23rd. The Math test is April 29 and 30th. The 8th grade Science test is May 1st and 2nd.

    Because the math and science sections have to be given in one week, there is very little time for make ups of those sections.  We ask that parents/guardians do not schedule morning appointments the week of April 29th. We certainly appreciate the support of our teachers and students!


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  • Recently we have discovered that the “Juul” e-cigarette trend has reached our middle school.  While Juul is a brand name, it is also a different kind of e-cigarette that always has nicotine (unlike some vaping devices which are flavored water vapor only). In fact, it has twice as much nicotine as regular e-cigarettes. Nicotine is extremely addictive, especially for pre-teens and teens. The Juul pods are meant to last about 200 puffs, but young people are consuming them very quickly – and each pod has the nicotine equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

    The Juul devices themselves resemble USB sticks and are USB charged. The pods that contain the nicotine are about 1 inch by 1 inch; therefore they are very hideable. They also produce little smoke, which can be blown up a sweatshirt sleeve.

    Please access the three information fact sheets to be aware of what these products are and to be able to educate your child about the dangers. Many young users do not know there is nicotine in them, or how much, and don’t think they are a problem because there is no tar and less smoke than cigarettes.  You can also watch a PBS NEWSHOUR video at https://video.edweek.org/detail/video/5810863294001/vaping-in-schools:-'juuling'-is-popular-among-teens-despite-health-risks?autoStart=true




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  • Just a reminder: Because of allergies and concerns about unhealthy food, please do not send store-bought or homemade food in with your child for his/her birthday or any other occasion.

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  • TAMS Planners

    Each year, TAMS students receive a date book – what we call a “school planner.”  At the start of this year, we went through lessons about how to effectively use a planner to manage assignments, improve time management, and stay organized.  Keeping track of due dates and activities is only part of the planning process.  Breaking down assignments to manageable tasks, spreading out projects, blocking off time to study (not just completing an assignment), and checking off assignments that have been turned in are all ways to use a planner to plan for success! We know that effective use of a planner is a key to success in school.  We are working with students to build this life-long routine. If you haven’t seen your child’s planner yet, please ask him/her to show it to you and talk about how he/she is using it.  Thank you for helping us encourage this very important habit! 

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  • #89 vision graphic     Click here to learn more about #89 goals

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  •  a+ rewards
    Please be sure to register your Martin's Rewards Card to help Support our school! Go to 

    http://martinsfoods.com/aplus/register-card/ and be sure to enter school code 

    Middle School: #20187

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