Tania Germino
  • Hello! My name is Tania Germino and I am a Reading Specialist at TAES where I once attended school myself.

    • Graduate of Tyrone Area High School
    • Graduate of Penn State University with Bachelor's degree in Kindergarten and Elementary Education
    • Graduate of Edinboro University with Master's degree in Reading and Literacy with a K-12 Reading Specialist Certificate
    • Taught preschool phonics and math enrichment
    • Taught Elementary and Early Childhood Education courses for the College of Education at Penn State University
    • PreK-4 Student Teaching Supervisor in the Philipsburg Area School District

    One of my favorite things about being a reading specialist is being able to help students gain confidence and excitement in their abilities and achievements as readers and to collaborate with other teachers and specialists.

    Outside of school, I reside in Tyrone with my husband Matt, my 3 children, and my two dogs and cat. I enjoy being outdoors, Harry Potter marathons, watching my children in sports and dance, and am an avid coffee drinker.